Prestige Investigations, Inc provides the client with an experienced Private Investigator who will find facts and offer a thorough consultation.. A diligent and discreet investigation will resolve problems, find facts, maximize opportunities, secure competitive advantages and provide the client with factual information to solve Criminal matters and Civil disputes. Prestige Investigations delivers reliable information quickly, efficiently and with confidentiality. Nestor has become one of the best Criminal DEFENSE Homicide Investigators in Santa Clara County California.

Active Members of the California Associations:

  • California Licensed Investigators (CALI)
  • California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA)
  • National Notary Association Notary Public #1901949 (NNA)
  • San Jose Police Officer's Association (SJPOA)
  • Central Coast Gang Investigator Association (CCGIA)

Over 29 years of Honorable Law Enforcement Service and undeniable Experience with the San Jose Police Department:

Have worked directly with all the top Bureaus in the United States:  Including but not limited to, Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.),

Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), Department of Justice (D.O.J)- State California Bureau Narcotic Enforcement (B.N.E.), Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) and the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE).

  • ​Worked the Patrol Division in all areas in the City of San Jose
  • Worked as a Field Training Officer (for new officers) and have working knowledge of the Policies and Procedures 
  • Assigned as an Investigator in Internal Affairs  
  • Trial Court Preparation/Testimony
  • Violent Crimes Enforcement Team/Street Gang Activities- Intel,
  • Investigations of Narcotics, Robberies, Sex Crimes,            Homicide, Fraud/Burglary and Assault/Battery
  • Traffic Accident Investigation and Scene Reconstruction
  • Worked undercover while assigned to D.E.A. to investigate and purchase large quantities of Methamphetamines and planned undercover (Covert) and Overt Operations 
  • Attended the F.B.I. Academy in Quantico VA, received training in the Investigation of Clandestine Methamphetamines Labs
  • Assigned to a Methamphetamine Lab Investigation Team 
  • Have assisted on Federal Wiretaps and have working knowledge of the State/Federal Electronic Surveillance Laws
  • Have experience with Electronic Surveillance Equipment  (i.e., Body wire, Digital Camera/Video)

(Ret. S.J.P.D. (#2218)
Bilingual-Fluent Spanish
Private Investigator # 27279

Bascom Commerce Center
1190 Bascom Avenue, Suite 213
San Jose, California 95128

Tel: (408) 227-1935
Fax: (408) 225-3328


​All Major Credit Cards Accepted 

Prestige Investigations

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